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Our interview with the "Saucy" Captain Beany!

Can you tell me about Captain Beany?

Captain Beany from Planet Beanus was originally conceived when his alter ego, Barry Kirk, set a wacky world record charitable attempt for the longest baked bean bath stunt for an incredible duration of one hundred hours from September 11th-15th, 1986.

Did you eat any of the beans while you were in the bath?

Ha! Ha! You could had said that I could had a right royal „beanfeast‟ for the entire time I was immersed in the bath and dipped some toast as such, but I decided to take advantage of the Aberavon Hotels culinary delights of a plate of steak and chips!

Where did the inspiration for the Captain Beany persona come from?

Well, I was very intrigued to discover that amongst my vinyl record collection is a cover of the Who‟s album “The Who Sell Out”, whereupon the lead singer Roger Daltry, is pictured in a bath of Heinz baked beans whilst holding a very large Heinz advertisement can! It must had „bean‟ then that I had this „half-baked‟ vision to emulate this wacky stunt for a worthwhile charitable cause! After the „Bean-a-thon‟ stint in 1986, I decided to pursue my love for raising money for all manner of various fundraising causes to „help human beans for the beanyfit for mankind‟. Pardun the pun as they say!

Where did you get the idea of the costume?

I always been fascinated as a young lad with comic strip superheroes and used to sketch and paint my very own artistic creations! The superhero costume was an inspirational idea devised in 1988 to replicate a similar based comic strip superhero to that of the well renowned „Superman‟ complete with cape, tights, gloves and superhero boots! I then added my special „bean‟ specs for mystery intrigue!

Have you had to replace your costume?

Indeed Captain Beany has! Flying through the Planets ozone layer takes the sheen and colour from the outfit! Ha! Ha! But only now I have recently added some extra costume refinements, which now sports‟ a new streamlined bodysuit, and this one has even bigger pecs!

How long do you plan to keep on doing publicity stunts for charity

As long as I am in good health and young at heart, Captain Beany from Planet Beanus shall pursue his mission to save Planet Earth....until he retires and finally resides in an old folks home dedicated to „has-bean‟ superheroes in the sky!

So you have a museum dedicated to Baked Beans? How much do you make?

Yes indeed! This intrepid caped crusading superhero is now manager curator of this unique haricot heavenly delight based in Port Talbot, south Wales.

TV personality Danny Wallace, author of „Yes Man‟, helped with the „cutting of the ribbon‟ grand ceremonial opening way back in January of 2009! People from all walks of life can literally „bean‟ down and view this very „saucy‟ and „full blown‟ museum to their farts content!

So how does a superhero survive on this Planet financially? Have you some kind of business venture?

Captain Beany in the year of 2005, set up a sole merchandise & product trading venture under the guise of „Captain Beany Enterprises‟. He has developed some creative products with the premise of the baked bean theme which includes his very popular Captain Beany from Planet Beanus soft plush toy, greeting cards, fridge magnets, T-shirts, mugs, etc.

So you just recently did your Treadmill trek, when you walked for a blistering 12 hour non - stop duration conveying a plate of baked beans on toast! What inspired you to do that?

After running various twenty-six mile marathons during the course of my lifetime, Captain Beany decided to add a certain bizarre record twist during the Flora London Marathon in 2008. I decided to convey a plate of baked beans on toast for the entire distance and didn‟t „spill the beans‟. After setting this fastest wacky record, I performed another plate of baked beans on toast with a mountain ascend to the highest peak in England & Wales – Mount Snowdon (3.500ft). There is a wacky world record book in the name of „Believe the Unbelievable‟ which currently holds over 1,000 wonderful and weird records and incorporates some of my very own establishments! I wanted to add another one, and on doing so, our local cancer charity benefited to the tune of £450.

Was the 12 hours at a steady pace?

Yeah! I went at a comfortable steady step which was calibrated to the movement towards the pace of my walking gait!

Did you train for this?

No not at all. I just sort of got up and did it! I always love to stretch my physical capabilities to the extreme limit.....although I must admit I‟m running out of wind these days at my ripe ole age! Ha! Ha!

Who sponsored your run?

No one sponsored my run as such. There is a local public hotel named aptly, the Four Winds Hotel who provided the amenities for sponsorship on the Bank Holiday in question for the locally based cancer charity. Needless to say, that after this Treadmill
Trek, it has inspired me to pursue another conveyance of a plate of baked beans on toast for 2010.....a sponsored „Beans On Toast-a-thon‟ from John O‟Toast – Toast End (John O‟Groats – Land‟s End 880miles)

Have you ever run with Get Kids Going!?

Indeed Captain Beany has! He has ran on behalf of „Get Kids Going!‟ on several occasions and has a great rapport with the charitable organisation and dedicated staff!

What do you like about the Get Kids Going!program?

I love the dedication and desire of the people who professionally operate GKG! It‟s an excellent program. In Wales, we have many young diabled youth who are supported by Get Kids Going! who are very active in disabled sports such as Daniel Lucker, wheelchair racer; Sam Scout, jabilin thrower, and Nathan Stevens, Shot puuter. And a very well known athlete by the name of Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson (Tanni is also a Get Kids Going! supporter! and the Get Kids Going! Vice President), who represented Great Britain in past wheelchair Paralympics Games. She‟s an excellent wheelchair athletic ambassador and an inspiration to all disabled youngsters.

Anything else you want to tell me about Get Kids Going! or your Captain Beany persona or your future aspirations?

Captain Beany looks forward to continue raising as much money for the Get Kids Going! campaign and hopes to inspire future charity fundraisers for the forthcoming next generation!

Thank you

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