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Interview with new Get Kids Going! Skydiver and runner! Debbie Casey

How many marathons have you run?

None so far! The London Marathon will be my first Marathon ever! When Get Kids Going! called me I felt very ill but it made my week! I am very excited!

Howís the training going?

Getting started was really hard because I used to smoke up until a few weeks ago, itís getting a lot easier now that I have been training and getting into it.

What is your training like?
I started at 2 miles a day, 3 days a week, but steadily upped the mileage. Now Iím at 5 miles a day three days a week. Running is getting a lot easier. I really like it

What inspired you to start running marathons?

I have always wanted to run for charity. Also I wanted to get more fit, and quit the fags. I am diabetic and I wanted to get my body in order. I thought training for a marathon would be a good way to get started and stay dedicated.

Are you training on your own or with a trainer?

Right now I am running by myself. Occasionally I have a friend who runs with me, but theyíre just running for fitness sake. They want to tone up a little.

What is your set fun raising goal for London? And for skydiving?

My goal is to raise £2,000 for the marathon, and I donít have a goal for skydiving yet.

Have you always wanted to skydive?

Yes I have always wanted to skydive, but I want to do it tandem like with someone else. I would be afraid I would get up there and then not jump. I may need someone to push me. Iím afraid I wonít hit the right button to open the parachute, so I want to do it with someone else. So Iíve always wanted to, but Iím excited & nervous.

Are you skydiving alone?

Oh good, then yeah we all want to do it together. I think it will be easier doing it with a bunch of friends. Even reading about it on the internet last week made me really nervous!

Whatís had your experience with GKG been like?

But so far everyone at Get Kids Going! has been very nice and easy to work with.

Why do you run for the GKG team?

Iím doing it for the children. They donít have the opportunity to participate themselves, so I want to help. Itís becoming quite addictive actually. The more I think about it, and the more I train. The more excited I become.

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