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Barbara Butler--London Marathon participant

Barbara Butler is participating in next year’s Virgin London Marathon. Barbara is a 39 year old mother from Cornwall who has run the London Marathon once before along with multiple half marathons in the past nine years. Barbara got started running two years after her first child as born. After her Child was born, she decided to finally do something for herself, so she started running and has not stopped.

Initially, she never planned on competing, and just wanted to run for fun. But after finding running easy, she decided that she would try her hand at competition. Her first race was the London marathon back in 2002. She had such a good time competing in London because of the atmosphere of the race, and the atmosphere is what she is looking foreword to the most in next years run. She tells Get Kids Going! about how nice everyone at the race was, and how she liked competing on her home turf.

Barbara finds her hometown of Cornwall to be a perfect place to train because of all the hills. She says, “you can’t go anywhere in Cornwall without hills. I think it gives all London Marathon runners an edge because London has such a flat course”. Barbara likes to get her run in early during the day. She leaves the house at 6 during the summer and is back by breakfast time. On average, She is running thirty miles a week, alternating difficulty. She will run two or three hard weeks and then an easy week. Two weeks before a race, she will run 22 miles to prepare.

She trains alone. According to Barbara, people have told her that she needed to join a running club, so she takes pride in the fact that she has trained for these marathons all by herself. Her only running buddy is her Dalmatian who she runs with on the shorter runs. He used to run the longer runs, but because of his age. Her dog prefers the shorter runs.

Barbara has run the Great South Run and the Plymouth half marathon with Get Kids Going! She heard about the charity though a magazine article in 2000, before she started getting serious about running. Get Kids Going! appealed to her, because she had a friend who had a disabled child. She liked the idea of being able to help disabled children get involved with sports.

Her run is being sponsored by ex-rugby legend David Duckham. The first time she ran in the Great South Run, she had trouble raising enough money. David Duckham hold a charity sportsman evening four times a year in Cornwall. Barbara and her husband wrote to David and asked if he would sponsor her to run in the London Marathon if she got a place. Sure enough, David Duckham is devoting an entire sportsman evening to Get Kids Going! and is sponsoring Barbara to run!

Other then the upcoming Virgin London Marathon, Barbara is trying to get a place in the Kilo in March, 6 weeks before the London Marathon. The Kilo is a 16 mile cross country race that she wants to use as a warm up. She is also running for Get Kids Going! in the Great North Run in 2010. We wish her luck! And thank her immensely for her gracious fundraising efforts! We will have a write up on the David Duckham charity dinner for Get Kids Going!

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