SOCHI 2014

Kelly & Charlotte win Gold for Get Kids Going!

History was made today at the Sochi Winter Paralympics when Kelly Gallagher and Charlotte Evans won gold for The Great British Team in the visually impaired skiing which has never been achieved before.

Get Kids Going! has supported Kelly and Charlotte for over 5 years including most of the Great British Team athletes, having given funding of over £200,000 to these youngsters. We believe, if it were not for Get Kids Going! wonderful supporters and all the kind donations given to the charity, the Great British Team would not have had such a wonderful success.

Jane Emmerson, CEO of Get Kids Going!, said: " We are thrilled to bits for this fantastic achievement and we can't thank our kind supporters enough for helping the charity to achieve this magnificent success today."

Not only, Kelly and Charlotte win Gold, but Jade Etherington and Caroline Powell won bronze for the Great British Team in the same event. Jade and Caroline are also supported by Get Kids Going! This is also Jade's and Caroline's second Sochi Paralympic medal as they won a silver in the downhill event yesterday!

We would like to thank all our kind supporters for helping make this happen.


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GB Wheelchair Curlers Win Bronze...But It Feels More Like Gold!

The GB Wheelchair Curling Team won the Bronze Medal today in a tense match against China. The Team, who are wonderful Ambassadors to Get Kids Going! won the Bronze Medal 7-3 against China in the play-offs today at the Olympic Park in Sochi.

Aileen Neilson, GB's Skip said "The bronze feels more like winning a gold!.." Aileen also wanted to thank Get Kids Going! for the wonderful support and encouragement the charity has given to her and the team over the last two years in the build up to Sochi. "It is a great honour to be an Ambassador to such a magnificent charity as Get Kids Going! and we were encouraged to go on to win a medal by all the fantastic performances by the GB Ski Team - ie Kelly and Jade - who are Get Kids Going! supported athletes. Thank you to everyone for making this possible.. it is like dream come true".

Jane Emmerson, CEO of Get Kids Going! said "everyone at Get Kids Going! was cheering our Ambassadors on to win today.. they are all simply magnificent.. and they truly deserved the bronze medal after many years of hardwork and dedication. We are so proud of the team and can not say thank you for being the best Ambassadors in the world for Get Kids Going! They are an inspiration to everyone who wants to take up disability sport. Lets all get curling!".

Jade and Caroline Win Third Medal at the Sochi Winter Paralympics!

Jade Etherington, from Lincoln and Caroline Powell won a silver medal in the Visually Impaired Slalom on Wednesday 12th March. Jade is one of Get Kids Going! young VI skiers and has been supported financially by the charity for a number of years in the build up to the Sochi Winter Paralympics in Russia. This was Jade's second silver, having won the first in the Downhill on the first day. Jade also won a Bronze in the Super G following Kelly Gallagher's gold winning run.

Jade's guide is Caroline Powell from Basildon both Jade and Caroline are supported by Get Kids Going! and are a fantastic skiing team. They had a fantastic run in the Slalom on a very difficult course at Rosa Khutor coming second by only 0.65 seconds!

Also in the same event was Millie Knight another Get Kids Going! VI supported skier - age only 15 year old - and her guide Rachael Ferrier, from Scotland, came a magnificent fifth place completing both runs. Jane Emmerson, CEO of Get Kids Going! said " both Jade and Millie did fantastically and we are extremely proud of them all. Well done to both Caroline and Rachael for leading the way to Jade's second silver medal and Millie's first ever event in a Paralympic Games. We are extremely proud of them all. Again we would like to thank all our kind supporters and donors for help make this all possible for they wonderful youngsters. We can not help them without you.. so a big big thank you to everyone".

Ben Skis Like Magic at His First Winter Paralympics!

Ben Sneesby, age 19 years, from High Wycombe, took part in his first Winter Paralympics, in Sochi, Russia on Thursday 13th March by participating in the Men's Sitting Slalom. Ben had a magnificent run coming 12th out of forty one starters including the world best from Japan, Russia and Austria.

This was Ben's first ever competition at this level having been supported and encouraged by Get Kids Going! for the last few year's. Jane Emmerson, CEO of Get Kids Going! was there, at the Rosa Khutor Alpine Centre to watch Ben in action! Jane said "It was fantastic to see Ben in flying down the slopes... it was a very proud moment. His Get Kids Going! sit ski performed like a dream. Ben was a great credit to the charity and to Great Britain. He certainly deserved his place on the team".

Ben will be in action again on Saturday in the Giant Slalom. Also, Kelly and Jade, two more Get Kids Going! supported VI skiers, will be in action for the last time on Sunday in the Womens VI Giant Slalom. Kelly and Jade will be doing their best to win another medal to add to their fantastic performances of one gold, three silvers and one bronze so far!. Sunday is the final day of competitions here at the 2014 Sochi Paralympic Games so do keep watching all our magnificent youngsters in action on Channel 4.

Get Kids Going!’s Millie Knight carrying the flag for Great British Team at Sochi 2014

Get Kids Going! Visually impaired athlete Millie Knight will be carrying the Union Jack Flag for GB at the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Winter Paralympics in Sochi Russia on Friday Evening at 8pm local time. This is a wonderful moment for everyone at Get Kids Going! and Great Britain.

Winter Paralympic team gets full support from Get Kids Going!

Get Kids Going! is delighted to announce that it has given £200,000, over the last four to five years, to fund and support the Great British paralympic team in the build up to the Sochi Winter Paralympic Games in Russia.

The team is already in the Paralympic Village in Sochi in readiness for the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Games tomorrow - Friday 7th March. The athletes, most of them supported by Get Kids Going!, will be taking part in almost all of the Alpine Skiing events and the Wheelchair Curling events between now and the Closing Ceremony on Sunday 16th March.

Get Kids Going! is delighted that the following supported athletes have made team and will be competing in events almost every day over the next few days. The Get Kids Going! supported athletes are:

Kelly Gallagher - Visually Impaired Skier with her guide Charlotte Evans. Kelly and Charlotte's events are: Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super Combined, Super-G and Downhill.

Jade Etherington - Visually Impaired Skier with her guide Caroline Powell. Jade and Caroline's events are: Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G, and Downhill.

Millie Knight - Visually Impaired Skier with her guide Rachael Ferrier. Millie and Rachael's events are: Slalom and Giant Slalom. Millie is the youngest member of the team at the age of only 15 yrs old and has been selected to carry the Union Jack Flag for Great Britain at the Opening Ceremony in the Olympic Stadium this Friday.

Ben Sneesby - Sit Skier
Ben's events are; Slalom ad Giant Slalom. Ben will be performing in his Get Kids Going! Sit Ski in both disciplines.

Anna Turney - Sit Skier
Anna's events are; Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G and Downhill

James Whitley - Disabled Standing
James' events are: Slalom and Giant Slalom

The charity has also help fund the Wheelchair Curling team in their bid for a Sochi Winter Paralympic Medal as all the the team members are wonderful Ambassadors to Get Kids Going! The team members include: Aileen Neilson - (Skip), Robert McPherson, Angie Malone, Gregor Ewan and Jim Gault.

Jane Emmerson, Chief Executive of Get Kids Going! said

"It is a fantastic success that all these wonderful athletes have made the team for the Sochi Games and a great honour for us to know they will be representing their country in so many events. We are very proud of them. We believe if it were not for the marvellous support and the kind donations given by so many of the charity's donors these young athletes may not have been able to make the grade. Disabled skiing is a very expensive, but magnificent, sport and our youngsters have had to travel to many competitions, all over the world, for many months to gain the points to qualify for the team and to be here in Sochi. There is no doubt that these youngsters were given the support they so desperately needed at the right time. They are all absolutely marvellous and we wish them good luck in their goal to win a Sochi Paralympic Medal"

Jane is presently out in Sochi giving the athletes all support and encouragement possible by attending almost all of the skiing and curling competitions.

Jane also said "We have been given a magnificent start to the Games in the selection of Millie Knight, the youngest Get Kids Going! sponsored skier, at only 15 yrs old, who has been selected to be the flag bearer at the Opening Ceremony tonight - Friday 7th March. We are thrilled to bits for Millie - we know she will do us proud!"

Following the Opening Ceremony the Get Kids Going! athletes will swing into action with Kelly Gallagher and Charlotte Evans (guide) and Jade Etherington and Caroline Powell (guide) will all be competing in the Visually Impaired - Women's Downhill first thing on Saturday morning, 8th March, in their quest to win a paralympic medal.

Also in action are the Get Kids Going! Ambassadors in the Curling when they will play.. what looks to be a 'needle match' against Canada on Saturday 8th March.. a win over Canada with set the spirits rising for the team.

Channel 4 are showing over 150 hours of the Sochi Games from Friday 7th to Sunday 16th March. The Games are hotting up already.. and look like being a fantastic success for many of our wonderful paralympians. So do tune in to see the team in action!

Millie Knight
Visually impaired skier
James Whitley
Disabled Standing
Anna Turney
Sit skier
Jade Etherington
Visually impaired skier
Ben Sneesby
Sit skier
Kelly Gallagher
Visually impaired skier
Aileen Neilson
Curling team (skip)
Bob McPherson
Curling team
Gregor Ewan
Curling team
Jim Gault
Curling team
Angie Malone
Curling team