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My name is Claire Morgan-Hughes and I launched Devon Fit Camp four years ago, in 2011. Passionate about health, fitness and nutrition, my key aim is to empower people to make healthy choices to feel great inside and out.

Since day one we have had a nominated charity which we have supported for the year and I'm thrilled we have two very special charities again this year.


MIND and Get Kids Going! are fabulous charities and we will be working hard to raise as much money and awareness as we possibly throughout 2015.


We believe these charities need our support more than ever as mental health issues are affecting more of us on a daily basis and without our support, many children with disabilities who want to get active, will struggle.


We had a phenomenal year last year raising over £7,357.14 for CLIC Sargent and Coppafeel and it would be amazing to reach our target in 2015.


Over the year, we will be hosting lots of fun events for you to attend and myself and my camp members will be choosing to take on personal challenges in order to take ourselves out of our comfort zone whilst raising lots of money towards our target.


My first personal challenge of the year was on Sunday – I “took on” the Camel Trail in Cornwall, running 17.3 miles from a tiny café in the middle of nowhere all the way to Padstow.


It was my longest run so far this year, in fact in almost a year. I ran the London Marathon in 2014 for CLIC Sargent and Coppafeel and thorugouhgly enjoyed the experience and the fact that I pushed my body to help raise funds for others. I saw the Super Serious Run advertised and like 105 others thought it would be a great challenge, many like I using it as a run to prepare for the marathon.


I didn’t have a great run up to the event (pardon the pun!) I had somehow picked up a nasty tummy bug two weeks before and then on a training run to catch-up managed to sustain a knee injury! I must be getting old!


So to say I was nervous on the drive into the darkest depths of Cornwall was an understatement! I felt sick. I had no idea if my knee would hold up and I practically crawled the last two miles of my last long run of 16 miles.


Still, it was good to know that on Sunday morning, I wasn’t the only crazy one arriving to register for the race. Yes there were others there too! Not to mention my trusty training buddy Gill. It has been fantastic having someone to train with – having the same mission, to complete the biggest marathon in just over 7 weeks time. We have been working together for the last few months now and it really does help. We pull each other along when the going gets tough (sometimes literally!) but thankfully we never seem to have a tough moment at the same time.


The Super Serious Run was a thoroughly enjoyable event. Running along the stunning Camel Trail, with wild flowers and wildlife everywhere. The weather even smiled on us – a huge delight seeing as it seems most of my training runs have been in the rain, sleet and yes snow! Spring had definitely sprung on Sunday hurrah!


The start was interesting… more of a whistle blow than a countdown and all very Cornish! My children and husband who came to support thought it was fab. Actually it helped the nerves I think.


So - we were off! Dashing round large puddles and along the trail. My trick last year on the London Marathon was to keep the fluids up and pop a jelly baby (other sweets are available!) at every mile marker. I didn’t hit the famous wall and it seemed to keep me going. I tried the same trick again – it worked although it did feel like I was permanently eating sweets.


The run felt comfortable, the knee felt fine (after 5 miles, it seemed to settle down) and Gill and I got into the business of checking off the miles.


Before we knew it, we hit Bodmin where the 11 mile race and my fab client and friend Ruth had started, also raising money for Devon Fit Camp’s charities and on we went. Not before waving like a loon to my family who had surprised us by waiting by the trail to wish us well! It made me push on further and was even told by my running buddy to slow down!! (It was the other way round on the 16 miler!)


6 miles later, we came to Wadebridge. It seemed strange running with traffic and people – but we had a drink stop and my family were there again too wish us on our way. The sun had warmed up by this time and how glad we where to get rid of our windproof jackets!


Just 5.3 miles to go! We were almost there, we’d done the hard bit and yet still felt strong. Our best run to date and maybe, just maybe, if we work hard we can add another 9 miles in order to complete the London marathon in 7 weeks time.


2 miles outside Padstow, the wind got up and boy it made a difference. Having completed 15 miles, we were now running into a strong head wind. It was so noisy and made a definite difference to our run.. The camel Trail is very exposed in some areas and it felt like we were running into a wind tunnel!


We maybe should’ve taken more notice when the marshalls cycled past and told us to take care on the bridge. About a mile from the end of a trail, a large metal bridge takes you over the estuary. You could hear the wind whistling through it as we approached and it really was a case of “holding onto your hats” as the runners ran over it.


OK, just to dig deep for the last few hundred yards until we saw the finish line, friends and family all cheering. It was incredible!




We had done it!!


17.3 miles, no drama, just lots of fun running in the sunshine for the Get Kids Going and Mind.


The knee held up, my legs held up and it really had increased my confidence.


What’s more whilst we were running, super clients from Devon Fit Camp and friends had shown their support by sponsoring me.


I’d be most grateful and I know our charities would too.


If you’d like to follow my journey and see just if this personnel challenge was a fluke and how the London Marathon turns out, not to mention how much we raise; –


Running for me is a release, it’s ‘me” time and I love it. I run because I like to have a challenge – although it’s not always easy, trust me. Every time it get’s tough, I run harder for those who would love to get out there.


The charities we are supporting need our help more than ever. I have personal experience of just what a good job Get Kids Going do – imagine if your child or your nephew, niece, neighbor, friend love and want to get involved in sport and yet had a disability.. Get Kids Going can help. Please take the time to look up their good work. They are amazing.


Depression and mental illness can stop you in your tracks, regardless of age, gender, wealth or background. It’s not talked about enough. Please do take the time to look at the great work Mind do. From supporting young teenagers suffering from bullying to people suffering with anxiety, You don’t need to be on your own.


If my story has inspired you in anyway, or taking on your own personnel challenge, let me know. I'd love to hear all about it.


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