Margo's amazing acheivement for Get Kids Going!



Margo Duncan from Sheffield joined 55,000 runners on the streets of Paris to complete the 2015 Paris Marathon on Sunday 12th April to raise money for Get Kids Going!


Whilst this in itself is an amazing achievement, in the week running up to the race Margo decided to cycle to Paris all the way from Chesterfield! They cycled over 400 leaving Margo only two days to rest before the day. After she had had some time to recover we spoke to Margo about this amazing achievement for Get Kids Going!


Who came up with the idea of cycling to Paris?


My friend Cate was doing Paris marathon too for Meningitis Research and she suggested we could cycle there from Chesterfield Spire to the Eiffel Tower - it just seemed like a great way of spending the week culminating in a marathon to finish. We are both triathletes so it didn’t seem as daunting as it sounds, although I’d never actually done a marathon before. Besides, everyone’s doing races for charity these days - you needs something a bit special to make people go -" Wow ok I’ll donate to that!” 




How long did it take you? 


It took us 3 days to get to Portsmouth and then another 2 from Caen to Paris.


How many of you was there?


There were 7 of us from Chesterfield (all from the same Triathlete team TNT - a Sheffield based triathlon training team). We dropped one at Oxford and two at Portsmouth, then four of us went on to Paris. Only 2 of us were mad enough to run the Paris marathon as well!! We had some bike shirts printed with a little design Spire Paris Charity Ride and we looked great all together.




How did you feel when you had completed it?

I was so exhausted I just sat on the kerb and cried for 5 minutes - I wasn’t even sure why!! It was emotional to end the trip and do what we’d set out to do. I felt proud too that I’d managed to raise lots just by doing something a bit crazy.


Did you enjoy the Paris Marathon? 

Yes. I did - it was amazing to be a part of so many people each running for their cause with their own stories and the support from the crowds was amazing. I was really glad I’d managed to get my name on my t-shirt beforehand as people were shouting Allez Margo, Bravo Margo and it really helped to get me round.




What was it like?


Noisy. In a good way! There were so many bands playing there was always something to look at or listen to or see. The general public were very supportive cheering everyone on and shouting encouragement. The water stands and the fruit  were very welcome although the banana skins and peel on the floor were a bit treacherous on the cobbles.


Anything else you would like to add about the experience?


Cycling to Paris was great fun and the marathon was the icing on the cake. I felt proud to have raised a decent amount of money for a worthy charity too. I love sport so much and anything that helps people to do it, for me,  is a very worthy cause.


This is an amazing achievement and we are very proud to say she was raising money for Get Kids Going!