Julian runs Brighton Marathon for Get Kids Going!

julian 2


Julian Pyrke ran the Brighton Marathon for Get Kids Going! raising a staggering £1270 for our charity. After the event he sent us this update about the race and thought we should share it:


Brighton was sparkling in the warm Spring Sunshine and the course was packed with a number of runners and thousands of cheering spectators. A really great day for a spot of running- what could be nicer?


Well all went well for the first few miles and for the first 6 or so I was running just in front of Buzz Light Year and catching up with a man in a large dog outfit running for the guide dogs – brave that one as was getting a tad warm as the morning progressed (the Kenyan’s had by this point got a bit in front of me so decided to stick with Buzz and the gang)


First half came and went – feeling strong and at 2hrs.15 for the half there was a nice pace settling in and feeling good and comfortably keeping up with Batman and Robin and still ahead of someone in a Peppa Pig outfit (looked warm that one)!


The advanced red wine training then kicked in about mile 17/18 where despite religiously eating my gels every 3 miles I started to feel somewhat jaded. Another Gel and a stop for water. Pushing on to mile 20, I noticed my pace was somewhat slower than it had been – not sure where Buzz was and the dynamic duo had obviously been called on a mission as they were all nowhere to be seen. Still ahead of Peppa so all not yet lost, but no sign of the Kenyan’s had they given up and gone home I wondered?


julian 1


Miles 20 to 24


The pace now reduced to walking and running – I struggled on. I noticed that even walking I was pretty slow – how can other runners walk so fast?


Onwards and onwards – will this “enjoyment” never end?


Met up with another runner and we ran together for a bit – I had to wave him on at mile 24. It was at this point that I needed to stop and exercise my empty stomach. Hmmm – gels they just settle your stomach so….


Another person stopped to help but I told them they had best move away unless they wanted collateral damage on their shoes. With the help of a kind spectator who stayed with me and made sure I was ok and said she was so inspired that she was entering next year (can’t imagine that was due to my being ill). I set off, feeling white and drained and slightly bleeding on my shirt aiming for the line – boy is 2 miles a long way to go – shouts of you are “nearly there”  sort of helped although 2 miles what a long way.


Run, walk, run, walk (which is worse ?)


Eventually over the line at 5hrs 7. Not a great time and my slowest (a new PB then…) but given the training I guess to be expected, anyway I made the line , I really thought I might not at one point and in part thanks only to that kind lady at mile 24 who was there for me when I needed support.


May I take this opportunity to thank you all once again for you kind support and I am thrilled to have managed to raise £1270.00 for GET KIDS GOJNG! , I know that your support will go to a great cause and help disabled kids shoot for the stars


P.S – beat Peppa Pig