How to Fundraise:


Fundraise Online - its easy! with

On-line fundraising is an easy and fantastic way of raising funds for your school and Get Kids Going! It enables everyone to donate to your event and takes all the hard work out of fundraising. All you have to do is set up a 'schools page' in the name of your school at Everyone can then go online to your page and donate. This includes all pupils, parents, friends, families and staff.

Fundraise Offline

We will be pleased to send you as many sponsor forms as you need for everyone taking part. Remember, everyone can take part even staff and parents... the more the merrier! Just let us know how many sponsor forms you need and we will send them to you or you can download all your sponsor forms and more from the Run4Kids website at Please send all your sponsor forms to Get Kids Going! so we can apply for any Gift Aid. Thank you.

Free Run4Kids School Event Pack

As soon as you have sent your Run4Kids Registration Form back to us or when you have registered your event online at we will be pleased to send you your Run4Kids Event Pack. Your pack includes; Posters to advertise your run, Sponsor Forms, Certificates of Achievement for all participants - signed by David Weir CBE MBE (Winner of 4 gold medals at the London 2012 Paralympic Games and Vice President of Get Kids Going!) and more.

Once you have completed your Run4Kids and sent us half of your kind donations we will be pleased to send you a Certificate of Thanks - signed by The Lord Coe (Sebastian Coe) to proudly hang on the wall in your School!

How to send us your donations

When you have completed your Run4Kids please collect in all your donations.

You could ask each class to collect their own donations and then put them all together in one total. When you have collected everything then just split the total raised and send half the amount raised to Get Kids Going! by cheque in the post (please make your cheque payable to Get Kids Going!) with a letter or compliment slip from your School so we know who its from.

If you have set up a Virgin Money Giving Page to collect your donations then just send a copy of your page to us with a note to tell us you have completed your run and collected in all your donations. We will then send you a cheque, payable to your school, for half of the donations you have kindly raised.

You can also pay your donations into our bank at your local
Nat West bank. To do this just give us a call or send an email and we’ll give you the Get Kids Going! bank details.

If you need any help please contact Get Kids Going! on
Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel; 0207 481 8110. You are always welcome.