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Get Kids Going!

Get Kids Going! is a national charity which gives disabled children and young people, up to the age of
26 years, the wonderful opportunity of participating in sport. We provide them with specially built sports wheelchairs so they can do: athletics, marathons, tennis, skiing, curling, rugby, sailing, boccia, basketball, snowboarding, table tennis, fencing, shooting, archery, powerlifting and many more sports. Get Kids Going! inspires disabled youngsters to compete in sporting events, from start to paralympic level, by also giving them sports grants to help with their: training, physiotherapy, sports psychology, travel, competition fees and the design and development of sports’ equipment. With your help many can become world record holders and paralympic champions!

get kids going! supporting Fabien Andre and Nathan Stephens
Fabienne Andre I Nathan Stephens

Our aim is to give support to all our budding paralympians in the build up to the Summer Paralympics, Winter Paralympics, Commonwealth Games, European and World Championships and many more events. Like any aspiring athletes all our youngsters need long-term support, often over many years, to achieve their sporting dreams. Sadly, we are aware of cuts in funding from various sources, and so many of our youngsters are forced to rely on friends and family for financial help. As you can imagine, this causes an enormous burden on many, already cash strapped, families and a constant worry as the cost of participating in their favourite sport is forever increasing.

There are hundreds of talented, disabled youngsters who have the potential to participate in events throughout the UK and all over the World but receive either none or very little funding and are desperate to achieve their life-long sporting dreams. With your help, together we can turn their dreams into reality and help make them into sporting heroes!

James Whitley I Shelly Woods

We support children and young people with all disabilities and from all backgrounds. We take pride in ensuring that any equipment which is outgrown is recycled to other children, so our supporters valuable donations are never wasted. We also believe that disabled young people should receive equal opportunities and the right equipment to get them going! Many people who support Get Kids Going! feel a wonderful sense of achievement and satisfaction. They see that even the smallest donation makes an amazing difference!

Chris Kelley I Hope Gordon

Get Kids Going! gives disabled children and young people the chance of a life time, freedom, and many fantastic opportunities that you and I take for granted. Opportunities they may never have without you and the support of Get Kids Going! No other charity in the UK focuses on helping disabled children and young people with sport in quite the same way.

A bespoke sports wheelchair can cost anything from £4,000 to £7,000. All are designed individually and perform just like a Formula 1 racing car!

In general, we believe, there are over 200,000 disabled children and young people in the UK who need the help of Get Kids Going!

Issy Baily I Alex Rickham & Niki Birrell

Please help us turn their dreams into reality!

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