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The below Terms & Conditions applies to all the charity's advertised events, its participants, donors and/or applicants.

Please note that there are additional T&Cs, other than the below, which applies specifically to the Virgin Money London Marathon and the New York City Marathon. For the Virgin Money London Marathon and the New York City Marathon additional T&Cs please see the relevant application form or booking form.

As a participant/applicant I agree, accept and understand the following: Entry Fees, Registration Fees and donations given to the charity are not refundable.

A guaranteed entry means that the entry is an official event entry it does not mean that the entry is guaranteed to be allocated, by the charity, to a participant/s and/or applicant/s. Get Kids Going! reserves the right to allocate its event entries to participants and/or applicants as it so wishes.

If the charity has subsidised a participantís entry fee for an event and the participant has been entered into the event and they have received confirmation of this. If then, after the entry deadline, the participant informs the charity that they are no longer able to participate in the event for whatever reason and the participant has not fundraised or given a donation/s to the charity equivalent to the full cost of their entry amount, the charity reserves the right to take the balance of the entry fee cost, which the charity has already paid, from the participantís credit/debit card.  This is to prevent the charity from being in debt from such circumstances.

The charity reserves the right to advertise any of its events or supply information etc., either on line or off line, for as long as it requires and/or to include or exclude specific text, dates etc. within its advertisements, for as long as it requires so long as the advertisement, information and/or text given is legal. Please note information on the charity's website is subject to change at any time.

The charity will, naturally, endeavour to keep any dates, information etc. advertised up to date, as much as possible, but it should be noted that the charity cannot guarantee that any/or all of the information it gives, either on line or off line, will be up to date and/or relevant at the time of advertising.

Donations kindly given to the charity cannot, under any circumstances, be refunded or returned either to a participant/s and/or a donor/s.

Get Kids Going! is not and/or cannot be responsible for any participant/s and/or applicant/s who decides to book any travel and/or accommodation etc. without having received written confirmation from the charity that the participant/s and/or applicant/s is entered for the event or has been allocated one of the charity's entries into the event. This also applies to all non-participant/s connected, in any way, to the participant/s and/or applicant/s.

The charity reserves the right to request that any overseas participant and/or applicant (ie. any person living or working outside the UK) gives their; entry fee, registration fee and/or kind donation/s (in full) to the charity before the charity agrees to allocate the participant and/or applicant one of its event entry places.

All participants agree and accept the terms and conditions of entry and agree that the event organisers, and/or Get Kids Going! shall not be liable for any death, personal injury, cancellation of the event or cancellation of any part of the event, or loss or damage etc. as a consequence of a participant's participation in the event.

All participants accept that they participate in the event at their own risk.

The official event terms and conditions are available from the event organisers - please see official event website.

The participant agrees to inform Get Kids Going! immediately, and before the event, if they think that they will not be able to participate in the event due to; injury, illness, or if they are unable to raise or donate the amount they have pledged or for any other reason/s.

All participants agree to inform Get Kids Going! if any information they have given to the charity changes or if any of their circumstances change in any way which may prevent them from achieving their fundraising target/s or taking part in the event.

The charity asks all its accepted participants to kindly keep the charity updated regarding their fundraising and training progress on at least a monthly basis, or less if possible, starting from the time the charity confirms the participant's entry into the event.

Get Kids Going! reserves the right to withdraw a participant's entry into the event if it considers that the participant is failing to meet the charity's minimum fundraising target (if the charity has set a fundraising target) within the charity's timeframe - i.e. to have donated or sent all kind donations to the charity within one month after the event day or before. This excludes entry fees, registration fees and gift aid.

The charity will endeavour to, by its best ability and working with the information given by the participant, make contact, by email and telephone, with a participant if it has any concerns about the participant's fundraising progress prior to withdrawing a participant's entry from the event.

Get Kids Going! reserves the right to; refuse any person, withdraw any person's allocated entry place if the charity considers it necessary at any time and/or hold a ballot of applications or enter any person into such ballot at any time without providing any reason for doing so.

Get Kids Going! reserves the right to allocate its entry places to applicants/persons as the charity considers appropriate and without question. No person shall hold any right, whatsoever, to a Get Kids Going! entry. If, for some reason, any of the charityís events become oversubscribed then the charity reserves the right to allocate its entries as it considers appropriate.

Online fees, card fees, other fees and/or Gift Aid cannot be included in any participant's fundraising/ donations or payments given to Get Kids Going!

All participants should be aware that any donations that are given to the charity, by themselves or their sponsors or donors, cannot be refunded or returned, under any circumstances, even if the participant is unable to participate in the event for whatever reason. The charity asks that all its participants inform any kind donors or sponsors of the above.

The charity advises that all its entered participants to start their fundraising immediately upon confirmation of their entry into the event and set up an online giving page at Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving.

If the participant is setting up a joint online fundraising page, the charity kindly asks that the participant informs us of such for accounting purposes. Please email us on [email protected]

The participant and/or applicant agree/s to participate in the event only in aid of Get Kids Going! and when accepted on the Get Kids Going! Team (and allocated one of the charity's event entries) the participant and/or applicant will not participate for, or change to, another charity or organisation before the event. The charity reserves the right to withdraw a participant's entry or refuse to allocate one of its entries to a participant/s and/or applicant/s if the participant/s and/or applicant/s participates or plans to participate in the event for another charity or organisation. The charity requests that all its applicants/participants will kindly inform the charity if they intend to use one of the charity's entries to participate in an event for another charity or organisation other than Get Kids Going!.

All participants agree to fulfil their stated fundraising/donation amount and send the amount to the charity within one month after the event day or before.

Get Kids Going! reserves the right to change the values of its entry fees, registration fees and/or fundraising target/s at any time if it so requires or decides.

The charity advises all participants to be insured for both participation in the event and/or travel, illness, injury, accommodation, personal goods etc. especially if the participant is taking part in an event overseas - ie. not within the UK.

If any participant requires the official event terms and conditions we kindly advise participants to visit the official event website where the official event terms and conditions should be available.

Get Kids Going! reserves the right to change its Terms and Conditions when the charity considers it necessary.

If you require more information or help concerning the above please contact Get Kids Going! on - [email protected]

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