My Virtual Challenge

My Virtual Challenge

It’s always good to have a challenge in your life and right now is a great time to have one!

So, why not sign up for My Virtual Challenge and join the Get Kids Going! challenge team.

It’s your Challenge… so you can do it your way.

It will help keep you fit, focused and feeling good!

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What is My Virtual Challenge?

My Virtual Challenge is here to help you achieve your personal goals… by doing your own challenge of a run, walk, cycle or even creating your own challenge idea.

You can do it; when you can, however you like and where its safe for you.

You can choose your distance, time, pace and safe place. This could be your local area, home, garden or park.

All you have to do is choose when, where and how you do your challenge and when you’ve got that sorted you’re ready to get up and going!

It’s easy to sign up, get set up and get started.

So, lets do it!..

First, decide your challenge.

Set a fundraising target and share a online page with your friends and family.

Activate your JustGiving fundraising page to collect your donations and tell everyone about your challenge. You can even upload your own images and write your own daily blog!

Link to your fitness tracker, health app on your mobile, or use any other device to track your distance, hours, minutes, steps, strokes, push ups or whatever your challenge might be.

Or, if you don’t want to use a tracker or an app you can just set up your own log and manually record your activity. We don’t mind how you tell us about your achievements.

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Five Great Reasons to Take Part

  • Stay healthy
    It’s important to look after your physical and mental health even if you are inside or out. Just a little exercise every day makes an enormous difference and will strengthen your heart, tone up the muscles and lift your mood.
  • Achieve your personal goal
    My Virtual Challenge gives you an opportunity to achieve, what might be a lifelong goal, of getting fit, losing weight, running or walking a marathon, half marathon or a 5 or 10k. Clocking up a 50/100 mile bike ride, or just doing 25 star jumps every day for a month will achieve your goal and make you feel a hundred times fitter and stronger.
  • The Cause – Get Kids Going!
    Every donation you raise helps us support the many disabled children who need our help to enable them to play out and participate in sport. Get Kids Going! provides disabled children with sports wheelchairs and sports grants. With your help many of them can become world record holders and Paralympic champions. Help turn their dreams into reality by providing them with a sports wheelchair or sports grant.
  • We’ll send you your Achievement Award
    We will be pleased to send you a Get Kids Going! sports shirt* and a Certificate of Achievement when you have told us you’ve completed your challenge.
  • Join our team Meet Up groups
    Every now and again we would love you to join in our secure My Virtual Challenge meet up group. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the rest of the team, share your experiences, swap stories and let them know all about your own achievements. It’s a great way to meet the team and make new virtual friends.


If you need more help and have any questions about My Virtual Challenge just click on the FAQs below.

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Sign Up Now

Taking part in My Virtual Challenge is your moment to shine, feel good and support a great cause.
We look forward to welcoming you to the team.

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