Organise Event


How to organise your Run4Kids Event:



You decide on the type of run you want to hold. It can be any distance - eg. just a run around the playground, a relay race, fun run, half mile run, one or two mile run or longer or even a cross country event. It's entirely up to you.

Where to hold your Run

Again... it's up to you and your school. It could be in the playground, local park, sports hall, running track, football pitch, sports field or even around the grounds of your school.

What date to hold your Run

The day and date is up to you... any day will do! Think of a date which fits in well with your school's curriculum or calendar of events. You may decide to hold your Run4Kids in conjunction with another school event - eg your sports day or a fun day. You might even think a fancy dress run is a good idea! The date is entirely up to you.

Who can take part

We’re wanting everyone to get involved... it's a great way to get kids fit, active and have fun! You are also supporting the many disabled children at Get Kids Going! who desperately need a sports wheelchair and a sports grant so they too can participate in sports such as; wheelchair racing, tennis, rugby, basketball, archery and many more. We desperately need your help to turn their dreams into reality.

Choose a Team to help you organise your Run

Ask your colleagues and pupils to help you. Get a good team around you to help organise your Run4Kids, promote your event and help you on the day. It's a good idea to give each member of staff or pupil specific tasks. Teamwork is the key.

How to sign up and register your Run

There are three easy ways:

1. Just fill-in the Registration Form opposite and send it back to Get Kids Going! by scan/email, fax or post.

2. You can sign up on-line at

3. You can sign up by phone on 0207 481 8110.

When you have Registered we will send you your Run4Kids Event Pack which includes: Posters, Sponsor Forms, Certificates of Achievement for each participant and a Certificate of Thanks for your school. If you need more posters etc you can download everything from the Get Kids Going! website at or give us a ring at Get Kids Going! on 0207 481 8110 and we’ll send you whatever you need. It’s no problem.

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PS...Important - Please read the section entitled Fundraising for help on how to make the most of your Run4Kids event.