Captain Tom 100 - do it your way, Friday 30 April to Monday 3 May

Captain Tom 100

“Tomorrow will be a good day –
Captain Tom Moore”

Date – Friday 30 April to Monday 3rd May
Registration – Free Fundraising

Where – Anywhere
Amount – Raise or Donate whatever you like

On the 6th April 2020, Captain Tom Moore, set out round his garden to raise money for our NHS heroes. One hundred laps later, he’d raised an incredible £38.9 million for the NHS Covid-19 appeal.

His simple message of hope – “Tomorrow will be a good day” – inspired millions around the world and brought comfort and joy to so many during the pandemic.

On Friday 30th April this year Captain Tom would have celebrated his 101st birthday so to honour his birthday we are inviting you to follow in his footsteps and take on the Captain Tom 100 Challenge for Get Kids Going!

We are challenging you to take on anything that contains the number 100, anytime and anywhere over his birthday weekend from Friday 30th April to Monday 3rd May.

We are pleased to encourage you, our Get Kids Going! supporters, to get involved with a 100 challenge to raise vital funds for the charity. Here are some ideas to get you started. Whether it’s completing 100 acts of kindness, walking 100 steps, running 100 meters, scoring 100 goals, baking 100 cup cakes, climbing 100 stairs, hopping 100 laps of the garden, writing a 100-word poem, you can join in this fantastic event by signing up with Virgin Money Giving just click on the link below

When you’ve signed up we’d love you to tell us what your 100 challenge is on social media using the hashtags #CaptainTom100 #WhatsYour100 #TeamGetKidsGoing!

If you don’t fancy another fundraising challenge this year you can still make a huge difference by donating directly to the Get Kids Going! Captain Tom 100 Challenge via one of the buttons above.

If you choose to take up the challenge or just give a kind donation your kindness will be very much appreciated. We can’t thank you enough for supporting Get Kids Going! and honouring the anniversary of Captain Tom’s 101th Birthday!

If you need any more help or inspiration please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us on [email protected] or phone 0207 481 8110. We’d love to hear all about your Captain Tom 100 Challenge.

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We look forward to having you on the team

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