My Virtual Challenge – FAQs

What is My Virtual Challenge?

My Virtual Challenge is here to help you achieve your personal goals… by doing your own challenge of a run, walk, cycle or even creating your own challenge idea.

You can do it; when you can, however you like and where it’s safe for you.

You can choose your distance, time, pace and safe place. This could be your local area, home, garden or park.

All you have to do is choose when, where and how you do your challenge and when you’ve got that sorted you’re ready to get up and going!

When can I start and finish my challenge?

You can start your challenge whenever you want. There is no set date. So you decide your own start and finish date. We advise that you set a start date and also a finish date so that you focus on completing your challenge. If you need to extend your finish date a little to ensure you complete your challenge then you can do that. It’s not a problem. The main thing is that you complete your challenge.

How can I do My Virtual Challenge?

You can do it; when you can, however you like and where it’s safe for you.

You can choose your distance, time, pace and safe place. This could be your local area, home, garden or park.

Do I have to pay an entry fee or registration fee?

Signing-up to My Virtual Challenge is free! It is, however, a challenge so we do kindly ask everyone who signs up to fundraise for Get Kids Going! to help disabled children to participate in sport. Get Kids Going! encourages disabled children to play sport by providing them with sports wheelchairs and sports grants so they too are active and healthy.

Is there an age limit to take part?

There is no age limit. We welcome everyone. Participants under the age of 16, however, should ask their parent or guardian to send us an email to confirm that they are happy for you to take part. Please send an email to us at – [email protected] or they can call us on 0207 481 8110.

What is JustGiving and how do I set up my online fundraising page?

JustGiving is an, easy to use, online fundraising website which helps you with your fundraising and lets you tell everyone about your challenge and all about everything you want to say while you are doing your challenge. It’s a great way to communicate with everyone.

Not only is it a great way to fundraise but you can share your page with friends and family to encourage them to donate to your challenge.

You should set a fundraising target and share your online page with your friends and family.

You can upload your own images and write your own daily blog.

You can set up your JustGiving page now but we will also send you a link to remind you to set up your JustGiving page when you have completed your Sign Up page.

How do I get help with my JustGiving fundraising page?

If you need help setting up or using your fundraising page, making a donation, or anything else just get in touch with us on – [email protected] or call us on 0207 481 8110.

Not only does JustGiving help you with all the technical kind of things, they also have got lots of tried and tested ideas to help you with your fundraising!

What happens when I have signed up and what support do I receive from Get Kids Going!?

The Get Kids Going! team are here to support you with your challenge. You can contact us at any time by email or phone. We will be in touch with emails that will provide you with inspiration, motivation, top tips and fundraising resources and ideas. You can also download fundraising information such as our bright ideas for fundraising, sponsor forms and information leaflets from our website at

You can also get lots of information from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. We would like you to upload lots of stories and images to the Get Kids Going! social media pages, your own Facebook and Twitter and also to your JustGiving fundraising page. The more images and stories you give us the better we like it! So, get your social media and fundraising pages going as soon as you can. Our social media manager may also be in touch kindly asking if you have any stories and images you would like to share. So, we want to hear all about your challenge!

I’m having problems signing up, who can help me?

If you have any problems signing up just get in touch with us by email or phone at – [email protected] or phone 0207 481 8110. We’ll be pleased to help.

Do I have to fundraise?

As My Virtual Challenge is an event set up by Get Kids Going! to help raise funds for the many disabled children who need our support so, we ask and encourage all participants to kindly fundraise. If you don’t want to set up a JustGiving page then you can collect your donations by cheque or cash. That’s not a problem. But, we do encourage everyone to set up their own JustGiving page so you can tell us all about your challenge and everything you are doing! All your kind donations are given to Get Kids Going! – registered charity 1063471 – to support the many disabled children who need our help. Please help us turn their dreams into reality by enabling them to play sport. Thank you.

Is there a minimum fundraising amount?

No, there is no minimum fundraising amount, however, if you raise £200 or more we will be pleased to send you your My Virtual Challenge Get Kids Going! sports shirt. We would really like you to enjoy and make the most of your challenge by asking all your friends and family for sponsorship to help us encourage more disabled children to play sport.

Everyone who takes part in My Virtual Challenge will receive a Get Kids Going! Certificate of Achievement when you have told us you’ve completed your challenge.

We are here to encourage you to set yourself a fundraising target on your JustGiving page to keep you motivated.

Is there a fundraising pack?

Yes, you can download a Get Kids Going! fundraising and information pack from or click on our fundraising downloads here.

Is there any help to get me started?

If you need any help or inspiration to get you started then just get in touch with us. We’ll be pleased to here from you and give you lots of help and support.

A great way to get started is to decide which challenge you would like to do for example; a bike, run, walk, or any other activity and when you plan to start. It’s a great idea to get started straight away – set a start date and set an end date so it keeps you focused. You can log all your days on your JustGiving page with images and a daily write up telling everyone how you are doing! Also, put lots on the Get Kids Going! Facebook and Twitter pages along with your own social media pages. It’s a great way to communicate with us all!.

It’s great to get out there and get going! You can plan your distance, time and pace – stick to your plan if you can. If something puts you off track then don’t worry you can pick it up a day or two later but keep your goal in mind. That’s important. You will feel a lot fitter, healthier and pick up a daily dose of positive vibes when you are out doing your My Virtual Challenge.

So, if you need any help or inspiration then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – remember we are there to help you all the way!

If I don’t want to sign up online or set up a JustGiving page can I still take part?

We like to encourage you to sign up online to ensure you receive all our motivational emails and free fundraising support however, you can still take part in My Virtual Challenge without registering online. All you have to do is get in touch with us by emailing us on – [email protected] or call us on 0207 481 8110. We will be pleased to hear from you.

How will you know when I’ve finished my challenge?

We hope you will keep in touch with us throughout your challenge and keep your JustGiving page updated so we can see how you are doing. As soon as you have finished your challenge all you have to do is send us an email or give us a ring to tell us you have completed your My Virtual Challenge. We can then say a big congratulations and send you your Certificate of Achievement and your Get Kids Going! sports shirt. Remember to qualify for your sports shirt you must raise £200 or more for Get Kids Going! on your JustGiving page.

We will send everyone their Certificate of Achievement no matter how much you raise. So, everyone who takes part in My Virtual Challenge receives a certificate and a big thank you!

Can I create a team?

Yes! Once you’ve signed up to My Virtual Challenge you can create a team JustGiving page so you and your friends can also join in. You can either set up individual fundraising pages or one team fundraising page together so your fundraising contributes to a bigger team goal. If you decide to set up a JustGiving team page please let us know by emailing us on – [email protected] so that we know who is in your team. We can then send everyone their own Certificate of Achievement. We would also love to know what all the team challenges are! So, if you want to set up a team page that’s great just let us know..

Remember, you must sign up as an individual before creating your team JustGiving page.

How can I collect sponsorship?

The quickest and easiest way to collect sponsorship is through donations directly to your JustGiving fundraising page. However, you can also send us any kind cheque donations you might receive for your challenge too. If you need a sponsor form then just download your sponsorship here.

If you receive any cash donations please just add the cash to your JustGiving fundraising page. Or, if you have any questions about a cash donation then please get in touch.

How do I pay my donations or sponsorship to Get Kids Going!?

We really would like you to set up your JustGiving page so that everyone can give a kind donation to your page. By doing this all your kind donations will come to Get Kids Going! automatically. JustGiving is a fantastic way to fundraising and tell everyone, including us, what you are doing and how you are really conquering your My Virtual Challenge! It’s so important to set up your fundraising page straight away so you get everyone on board and you feel inspired to do your best and achieve your My Virtual Challenge goal!

If you have collected in any cash then you can pay the money yourself (using a credit or debit card) to your fundraising page.

Or, you can send us a cheque (made payable to Get Kids Going!) to: Get Kids Going!, 4 Chandlery House, 40 Gowers Walk, London. E1 8BH.

If you are mailing us a kind donation cheque/s please remember to add a note in the envelope, with your cheque/s, so we know who they are from and so we can add it to your challenge total.

If you are mailing a cheque please do remember to fill out a sponsor form and tick the gift aid box so we can claim the gift aid too! Which all adds to your fundraising amount. Or, if you would like us to email you a sponsor form just ask. It’s not a problem.

How long do I have to pay in my donations or sponsorship?

If you have set up your JustGiving fundraising page your kind donations will come to us automatically. If you are collecting in your donations off-line – by cheque/s then please send them to us as soon as you receive them so we can add any cheque donations to your overall fundraising. We would like you to set a time limit for your My Virtual Challenge if you can so that you keep focused and achieve your challenge and fundraising goals..

If you have decided to undertake a big My Virtual Challenge then that’s great but please keep us posted on everything you are doing and how long you think it will take you! And, please keep the fundraising going on your JustGiving page.

What is Gift Aid and how it helps Get Kids Going!

Gift Aid adds 25p to every £1 donated, at no cost to the donor. It’s a Government scheme that enables Get Kids Going! to claim this ‘extra money’ from Income Tax already paid to HMRC. To allow us to claim Gift Aid, the kind donor has to be a UK taxpayer and have paid sufficient Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax to cover the amount we will reclaim in the tax year.

If you have set up your JustGiving page then any Gift Aid will automatically be given to Get Kids Going! by JustGiving. So, every little helps us and also helps you to achieve your fundraising goal!

If you are collecting your donations by cheque/s please send them to us in the post but before doing so please make sure you download a sponsor form, fill in the form and tick the gift aid box so we can reclaim the Gift Aid. Please send both the cheque/s and the Gift Aid form in one envelope.

If you need any more help to explain Gift Aid then please do not hesitate to ask.

How will I know when I’ve finished my challenge?

If you have been using your own fitness tracker, health app on your mobile or any other tracking device such as Strava or MapMyFitness whilst doing your challenge you will be able to keep an eye on any miles covered, steps walked etc. to calculate your total so you should know when you have finished. Or, you may have a tracking app which will automatically alert you when you have completed your challenge. Or, just as easy you can manually update your JustGiving fundraising page yourself to keep an eye on how you are doing and when you have finished.

How do I track my distance, miles, steps etc?

It’s easy! The best way to track your distance, miles, steps etc. is by using your own fitness tracker, health app on your mobile or any other tracking device such as MapMyFitness or Strava. Or, you can write up manual notes in your diary or in your notepad.

Remember, to also upload your distance, miles, steps, etc. to your JustGiving page so all your supporters can see how great you are doing with your challenge.

What is MapMyFitness and Strava – and how do I use them?

MapMyFitness and Strava are training apps which tracks and records your distance, weight, training and lots more. You can set up your own MapMyFitness or Strava by just going to Google and signing up to the app. There are a number of other fitness, distance tracking apps on the market so you have lots to choose from if you want to have your own tracking app..

We have found that if you set up your JustGiving page and link it to your tracking app you may well find that you could raise up to 45% more donations! All your supporters will take a great interest in what you are doing and will love to see how you are getting on and the fantastic progress you are making!

What if I don’t want to use a tracking app?

How can I track the distance, miles, steps etc. I’ve completed?

Don’t worry, if you don’t want to use a fitness tracking app, you can still easily keep track of your miles or distance through your JustGiving fundraising page by manually updating your page. Also, remember you can keep your own log in your diary or in your notebook. Or, you can write up your own blog on your JustGiving page so everyone knows how you are doing! It’s all pretty easy stuff!

How does Get Kids Going! benefit from the kind donations I raise?

Get Kids Going! is a registered national charity (no. 1063471) which gives disabled children and young people, up to the age of 26 years, the wonderful opportunity of participating in sport. We provide them with specially built sports’ wheelchairs so they can do: athletics, marathons, tennis, skiing, rugby, sailing, boccia, basketball, snowboarding, shooting and many more sports. Get Kids Going! inspires British disabled youngsters to compete in sporting events, from start to paralympic level, by also giving them annual sports grants to help with their; training, travel, competition fees and much more. With your help many can become world record holders and paralympic champions.

Get Kids Going! usually raises, on average, £1.1m per year with a very small, dedicated team of staff and volunteers to help and support all our kind supporters and donors along with the many disabled youngsters who need our help. Sadly, in these difficult days of Covid 19 the charity’s income is much reduced. This is why we have introduced a new virtual fundraising event, called My Virtual Challenge, for all our wonderful supporters to participate in to help them keep healthy, motivated and achieve their lifelong goals and also to help give much needed support to our fantastic disabled youngsters who need everyones support right now.

So, we are asking everyone to get going and start My Virtual Challenge today – this is just the right time to set up your challenge, be outside and get active.

I am unable to find an answer to my question. What do I do?

Don’t worry, please send your question to us by email – [email protected] or you can phone us on – 0207 481 8110. You are always welcome and we will be very happy to help. You can contact us at the Get Kids Going! office any time.