2 Bikes 1 Wheelchair 3000 Miles Across The USA


Big thanks to Justin Levene and Francis Cade who are doing an absolutely amazing challenge for us. They are taking 2 Bikes and 1 Wheelchair on a 3000 mile journey across The USA. Their video below marks the start of their challenge and you can find out more on their JustGiving page

Cycling Across America

Justin and Francis are doing amazingly well and at Day 28 they have already raised over £80,000. They’ve had injuries, punctures, been chased by dogs but still remain hugely motivated and are back on track. Find out more in the video below. Their daily YouTube videos are an amazing glimpse into the roads and people of USA, plus are fun and hugely motivating. Do sign up to see them.

We would also like to thank everyone who had donated so far and supported them on the road trip. They have so far raised over £141,000 and on the final day (day 48). After following their inspirational journey on YouTube, the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) Cycling team reached out to Justin and Francis to support them in their efforts. They had full helicopter support and squad cars in Los Angeles to help them on the final few miles. See the amazing vide below. If you have not yet made a donation now’s the time! Thanks so much for your kind help, it means so much to our young athletes.

Francis and Justin at the end of their amazing 3,000 mile challenge

The final video is absolutely amazing and shows the wonderful emotions and love that Justin and Francis gained over 47 amazing days. We can’t thank them enough for their brilliant challenge and what they have raised for us. They are both ABSOLUTE LEGENDS.

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