Alexandru Cretoi, Single Amputee Climbs Ben Nevis for Get Kids Going!

Alexandru Top of Ben Nevis

We are delighted to share the story of  Alexandru Cretoi who is raising funds for Get Kids Going! by taking part in mountain climbing challenges. His story is more remarkable as has a prosthetic leg from an above the knee amputation. Discover his story.

In June 2021 I had a motorbike accident which left me with an above knee amputation. Manged to get everything back to “normal” in about 6 months with an upgraded leg, but something was I decided in January 2023 to join a gym in order to get myself back as I used to be before my accident( or as close as I could minus a leg). I have worked with my personal Trainer Michael (from Pride Personal Fitness) and achieved all my goals at that moment. We were thinking of what other areas we can improve or things to do and as a joke we mentioned that, climbing a mountain will be a great idea specially as I was told by the doctors that I will only be able to walk for short distances and best case to keep my prosthetic leg for about 2 hours at a time due to the extent of damage on my leg and what was left of it… say no more he said and we decided to climb Ben Nevis as being the tallest mountain in UK and we gave ourselves 4 weeks to get in shape in order to do this. 

As this had a green light, I wanted to do it not only to challenge myself but if possible to raise some money for a charity and help others, we had a look online and came across Get Kids Going!  Looking at what you guys do there, it was “ The One” charity that we had to get some money for. I created a JustGiving Fundraising page and with Michael`s help, as I don’t have any social media accounts, we managed to share this with others not only close friends and family and to raise some money (not as much as we were hoping for but I`m sure if we did this properly and gave a little more time we could have raised a little more.. lessons learnt and next one should be bigger).

I consider myself lucky to be like this but I am sure that there are kids who need support to enjoy their lives and your charity gives them this opportunity and I am happy to do my best in order to help you guys achieve your goals at put a smile on their faces!!!

We did the climb in 6 hours but going down was another 9.. as my knee functions were non-existent due to diving in sea water) (doctors were not happy at all..) but with all the challenges on the way we enjoyed this at the max.

WE FINALLY DID IT! I would like to thank you all for your donations and to people we’ve met on the trail for their supportive messages that kept us going! It was such an incredible experience, seeing people who are willing to help, made me think about more awesome challenges!!

Our dream now is to climb the tallest mountain in Romania (Moldoveanu Peak – 2544m). We will look to do this in hopefully in 2025  as this needs proper planning and resources. Again, all the funds we would like to give to Get Kids Going!  

If you have been inspired by Alexandru and would like to make a donation, Alexandru’s Justgiving page is still open and any donation of whatever size would mean the world to him and the athletes of the future your fundraising supports.

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