Good luck to all taking part in the London Marathon 2022

We will be in London this weekend cheering on all of our runners for the TCS London Marathon. This will be the third time the race is taking place in October after initially being pushed back from April in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. The BBC will be following coverage of 42nd London Marathon and the 26.2-mile distance. The build up to the marathon will be on Sunday 2nd October on BBC Two from 8.30am until 9.20am and on BBC One from 9.25am and run until 2.35pm.

Build up to London Marathon will be on BBC Two from 8.30am until 9.20am

There will be highlights of the London Marathon on BBC at 5.20pm to 6.20pm.

Get Kids Going’s charity Cheering Point is between Mile13 and 14 and we will also see you at Mile 22.  All friends and family welcome to join us on the Cheering Team. We will be on course at 8am right up until 6pm on race day. Our Cheering Point is on The Highway, London, E1.  Nearest station is Shadwell DLR.  All family and friends are welcome to join us. 

We currently have a Get Kids Going! Stand at the Running Show at Excel which is Stand 71 near the Exit. We are looking forward to meeting all our team and will be there until Saturday 1st October. If you are fundraising for us, please come along when you are picking up your running number so we can say a big thank you and give each runner their Get Kids Going! running shirt if they do not already have one.

Big thanks to Hetty Alton, Kali Foster, Rachel Kavanagh, Mary Gregory, Sarah Baskerville, Kuldip Matharu, Jimmy Cowan, Mark Hird, Amber Sublet and David Davenport (pictured below) who were among the many who stopped by to see us at the show to take a picture.

Get Kids Going! supported athlete and ambassador Shelly Woods will be competing in this year’s race once again. Shelly sadly had a major crash with her racing wheelchair but Get Kids Going! has stepped in to provide her with new wheels so she can take part in London on Sunday, the Chicago Marathon on Sunday 9th October and Cape Town later in October. 

Just two weeks ago supported athlete Eden Rainbow-Cooper won the women’s Great North Run wheelchair race. She crossed the line in 51:27, just seven hundredth’s of a second ahead of Scotland’s Sammy Kinghorn. She is also doing the Cape Town Marathon and the London Marathon with Shelly.

Our president, Paralympic and 8 times London Marathon winner, David Weir, (pictured above) also won the men’s wheelchair race in The Great North Run and will be competing in the London Marathon this weekend.

Eden said “So great to be back on the podium with David Weir again this year at The Great North Run. I completely exceeded my own expectations and finished with a new personal best of 51:27, a time I didn’t think was possible yet.”

David Weir has competed in an astonishing 23 London Marathons and said “I didn’t think I’d do that many London Marathons in all honesty. I think my first aim was to get to 10. Then you get eight wins and it turns into a habit. It’s been part of all my life. It’s going to be hard when the finish is and that’s going to be scarier than doing your first one.”

David started his career in the Mini London Marathon in 2000 when he finished 5th at the age of 19. Now David is an inspiration to young athletes and trains them along with Jenny Archer at the Weir Archer Academy.

On Saturday 1st October we are proud to be supporting the Junior Wheelchair team, of Weir Archer Wheelchair Racing Academy.  There are 7 juniors taking part in the race including; Illias, Yasmin, Jack, Toby, Owen, Sam and Lucas. The start time is at 10am. We wish all of them the best of luck and hope this is the start of a great London Marathon career.

We have some great company running teams taking part to raise funds for us. We’d like to thank The Brookfield Group team of runners (pictured above). The 21 strong team are all from Yorkshire and headed up by Aziz Patel. Also a big thanks to the Perenco Running Team and the Monex Running Team for their efforts.

We really appreciate every single person that is running for us and look forward to seeing you on the race day and at the Expo.

Finally an absolutely huge THANK YOU to ALL runners taking part in the London Marathon for us. Plus our kind donors and supporters. We are so grateful for all of your amazing strength and the training you have put in to the big day.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on route between mile 13 and 14 and again at mile 22. (Don’t forget to ask your friends and family to join our cheering points – we’ll give them a very warm welcome.

We wish everyone a great day and the best of luck. Thank you for your brilliant efforts for the 42nd London Marathon.