Get Kids Going! Ambassador Ali Jawad has “won medal in life” by competing in Tokyo Paralympics

Get Kids Going! Ambassador, powerlifter, Ali Jawad says he’s ‘won a medal in life’ by competing in Tokyo Games as he finished sixth in -59kg category despite his battle with Crohn’s Disease.

He said: “A big 6th place today at Paralympics I’m so proud of myself for just getting here and getting 2 out of 3 lifts. I’ve said all along that my aim was never a medal. It was just getting here after the 5 year battle with complications with my Crohn’s disease.”

“I’ve pushed Crohn’s to human limits never seen and I saw a process through until the very end regardless of the outcome. In my eyes, I’ve already won and did it on my terms.”

“I had to accept from the very beginning that my body was just going to do what it wants but it was on me to try and find patterns in the data to make sure we make the right decisions. Today we made the right decisions. I got two lifts out of three. In Rio I only got one out of three. I don’t really get anxious any more because I’ve accepted from the start that my body is just going to do what it wants. “

Ali thanked all of his supporters and said “I am so grateful for your support. To everyone back at home, your messages have been truly amazing. They have got me through some difficult days. My focus now is getting home and getting myself into remission and healthy. This isn’t a goodbye, it’s an I’ll see you later…I just don’t know when.”

We are so proud of Ali who has always been an articulate and inspiring presence for athletes at the Paralympics.