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Our Interview with longtime Get Kids Going! team member Antony Kane

How long have you been running marathons?

I have been running marathons for over 12 years, but I have been running with Get Kids Going! for 12 years now. I think the program is awesome.

I ran the New York Marathon 6 times, the Paris Half Marathon 4 times, The Great North Race once. I am about to run the BUPA Great South Run this weekend. I have raised over 10,000 pounds for Get Kids Going! and overall even more money then that for different charities.

The people in my community are so proud of me. The youngsters even give me 5 to help me fundraise for my races.

My brother is actually going to do The Great South Run walk. He really wants to win a metal. We like to do events together.

It is so cool that you guys compete together. Have you guys done other events together?

Not yet, but my brother and I are hopefully going to the London Marathon. He will do the walk, and I will do the run.

Thats excellent. I love to see families workout out together. How is your training going?

I am running well. I have been doing a lot of speed training at the moment. I will get up at 3 or 4 in the morning and do my runs. Ill carry a torch with me so I can see. I am very dedicated, and I want to get a faster time. I want to win a half marathon. I have improved my times from 4 hours and 16 seconds to under 2 and a half hours. If I win, it will be for Get Kids Going! For the kids!

That is very good advice. Do you have anymore advice you read about?

Yes! every beginner should read a book about running before they start. My other piece of advice is do not train if you are sick. Give yourself the time off to let your body rest and recuperate. Then when you feel like your body is better, give yourself another few days to get back to full strength. You want to train while you are at your peak.

Thank you for the advice. Im sure people will appreciate it. I wish you luck on the Great South Run, and thank you for the interview

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